1. Become a de facto volunteer and bring your talents to the team. de facto's vision is to support humans where their talents match the need and a reciprocal networking relationship begins. If you are a creative, tech type, photographer, video editor, podcast studio, bookworm, or someone who works with young people, then we have a space for you. Fill out the FORM and we will be in contact. 

2. Sponsor a de facto book club in prison. Books are a cherished commodity in prison, and for some, it is the only means of education or solace. You can become a sponsor of a de facto book club from one member to hosting an entire club, whatever works best for your budget. 

Sponsor 1 member for $11

  • your sponsorship will be providing the book selection of the season to 1 de facto member, either one time or monthly. 

Sponsor a book club for $22

  •  your sponsorship will be providing the book selection of the season, as well as any journaling or guided materials that may be needed to facilitate a book club for 5 de facto members, either one time or monthly. 

3Sponsor a de facto event or fundraiser for the community

Your business or nonprofit can help sponsor a de facto event in the community. Teaming with de facto books will allow you to show your patrons and those you serve that community matters. Your brand will be enhanced by networking with Dallas’ finest creatives and entrepreneurs the city has to offer. If your team is looking to enhance your vibe and wants to give back and support folks who are really out here helping the community, then fill out the FORM