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de facto Brothers 


Letters in prison can mean freedom to someone who does not get to talk to non-institutionalized humans regularly. Letters can also build a community that is proven to help engage in self-love and healing of traumas.  

How This Works

  • Currently incarcerated humans in Texas do not have internet access of any sort. They can receive emails but cannot respond via email. 
  • Humans who happen to be incarcerated in Texas can only receive regular letters sent on plain white paper/envelopes with a pen or pencil only. You may also type and print your letters on regular white printer paper.
  • No cards are allowed in Texas. No markers, crayons, paint, stickers, glitter, or liquids of any kind are permitted.
  • You may send photos 4x6 only (see mail guidelines) 10 at a time as well.
  • You cannot ship books into Texas facilities unless you are a book store, online distributor, or publishing company, which is why de facto books exists
  • You can also purchase a copy of de facto books, Surviving Lockdown and we can ship it to your incarcerated loved one for you. 

What do I say?

Say hello. Tell them about yourself, as much as you would tell a stranger you just met and possibly wanted to get to know. Share something positive that helps you, and also brings joy.  Share your day, the most simple things can be the best conversation starters. Remember you are going to receive a response, so give them time to answer you, and then let the letters flow freely! 

How do I send my letter?

  1. You can simply pop it in the mail with an envelope and a stamp. If you need help calculating postage, here is a chart.

Please make sure you write/type their TDCJ # and unit name to make sure the letters arrive.

  1. Or, download the JPay app on your phone or create an account on your laptop. You will need to provide a payment card to purchase stamps on JPay.

How to set up your JPay account. 

How to Set up JPay 


These men make up the administrative team and serve as hosts of de facto book clubs on the inside. They are also de facto authors and content creators. Send them a kite* today! 


 *kite- In a jail or a prison, the term "kite" refers to a written request for something.

If writing is not your vibe then HERE are more ways you can join and support de facto.