we are de facto books

we are de facto books by Vanessa Johnson

 We are a community of humans in the Dallas area who understand that literature is a vehicle for healing and finding purpose, even in the darkest of places. We read books together, put on dope shows with local performers, as well as hosting local Black, Latinx, and Indigenous vendors to share their crafts with the community.

We support disenfranchised voices by establishing community spaces and collaborative publishing opportunities for our authors who happen to be incarcerated.   

  • 2019 de facto books founded a non profit community that traps books inside Texas prisons for members to create book clubs. 
  • 2020 de facto brought those book clubs to the streets of Dallas and we are now on our 5th season.
  • 2021 de facto became an LLC and published Surviving Lockdown a poetry collection written by our incarcerated members and inspired by the pandemic lockdowns of 2020. #buythebook
  • 2022 de facto launched 2 P’s in a Pod a bookworm podcast series for 420 life chronicling the work we do sharing our travels inspired by the literature from our book clubs.