2 P's in a Pod


J.Nicholee aka Jasmen is de facto’s right hand. Brand ambassador, content creator, research specialist, and co-host of 2 P’s in a Pod, she does it all. Not only is J.Nicholee a de facto badie, but she is also a full-time mom, ocean life advocate, and real estate investor.

Check her out @j.nicholee on IG.

Vanessa aka Vdiggitydawg is de facto’s left hand. Co-founder and CEO of daily operations mean making sure our inside team is getting books and mail, and the publishing company is always creating. Vanessa has been a full-time educator, consultant, and literacy mentor for 20 years. Our own J. Nicholee was one of the first students to graduate from her class.  


 2P’s came about in 2022 out of a need to dig deeper into the literature we were reading in our book clubs. As ambassadors to members who happen to be incarcerated, it has been our desire to cultivate experiences where our members can contribute to the community we have created outside of the prison system. By traveling to each prison unit where our members reside, and giving them a voice on the podcast our listeners can fully engage with the work we do, as well as help provide an outlet for those who have been forgotten by many aspects of society. 

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Season 1 Launching Summer 2022

We bring you de facto book clubs 1-4 in podcast form. Tune in as Jasmen and Vanessa burn one with you each episode. We dig back into the books, The Spirit of Intimacy by Sobonfu Some, all about love by bell hooks, and How the Word is Passed by Clint Smith. We even throw in some Eckhart Tole for you to ponder. We have amazing guests from our community and our incarcerated team members will be joining the conversations as well, so tune in and vibe with us.